Tres Amigos Classic Online Slot Game Review

Tres Amigos is a simple classic style online slot game that was created by Playtech. It is Mexican themed and named after three friends but the three men in question are identical however three of them nonetheless pay the jackpot prize which is 2 500 coins and the second jackpot prize which is 1 200 coins.

The Mexican theme is seen on the symbols. The background is colourful and very indicative of a Mexican theme as is the music which becomes upbeat on a win. Tres Amigos online has three reels and one pay line on which to play. As a simple and classic online slot game that is focused more on the pay outs, no wilds, scatters, free spins or any other type of bonus feature is present.

How to Play Tres Amigos Online Slot

The bottom left of the Tres Amigos screen is where plus and minus buttons adjust coin bet sizes. These can be set from 0.05 to 5.00. There is also one coin and bet max buttons. These are used to bet one coin on the pay line at the desired value or the maximum of two coins, which unlike most three reel and one pay line slots, is the maximum needed for the big wins.

Bet max will also spin the Tres Amigos classic online slot reels automatically but the spin button can be used for manual play. The pay table is straightforward and displayed above the reels to the right hand side while the Tres Amigos logo is to the left. Bets are displayed on the left hand side of the reels and wins are displayed on the right hand side of the reels.

The Mexican Themed Symbol Pay Outs

Tres Amigos classic online slot symbols are not the traditional ones expected from a classic online slot. They are rather all Mexican themed and have different pay outs for one coin or the maximum of two coin bets. All symbols pay out for matching three times on the pay line apart from the red chilli peppers, these symbols pay out for landing one or two times too.

The Tres Amigos, or three Mexican men in sombrero’s, pay out the jackpot of 2 500 coins. This is only on the maximum of a two coin bet as a one coin bet makes the jackpot 1 200 coins. Mexican tacos pay out the second highest win of 1 000 coins for the maximum two coin bet and 500 coins for a one coin bet.

Three of the cactus symbols pay out 200 coins or 400 coins for one or two coin bets while three red chilli peppers pay out 100 coins and doubles up to 200 coins when two coins are bet. Three maracas are worth 75 coins or 150 coins while three margaritas pay out 50 coins or 100 coins. The last symbol is the guitar that pays 25 coins or 50 coins and then smaller pay outs are paid for two and one red chilli peppers. They pay 5 coins and 2 coins respectively which doubles up with a two coin bet.