Xtra Hot Slots Game

Xtra Hot Slots Game

Being a traditional online slots real game, many experienced online casino players may find Xtra Hot familiar, while new players will find their way around quickly enough.

Xtra Hot features are 5 paylines, and using the + and – options will allow you to add and subtract the stake per line. Once the stake per line has been selected for each line, the Spin button will begin the game. Activating the Spin will start the rotation of the reels, and the option to Stop will become available. Pressing this will stop the spin and reveal the results.

Xtra Hot also contains an Autoplay option, allowing you to choose how many times the spin will  automatically start before stopping. As with the manual spin, you can choose to stop the spin whenever you want. Almost all symbols will stack in some way, meaning that players will often stack multiple winnings during a single spin.

Scatter Wins

As far as scatter symbols are concerned, players do not need to receive multiple scatter symbols in a row, as the Star symbol acts as the single scatter. Having one appear during your spin will result in a win; 3 or more Star symbols are not required for a scatter win.

It must also be noted that Xtra Hot contains no wild symbol like many other online slot games, with more emphasis on traditional gameplay, and the Star scatter symbol. All symbols in Xtra Hot are based on well-known slot game symbols, such as the use of fruit symbols, as well as lucky 7s and the bar symbols.

Rules of Xtra Hot

Payouts will occur if wins start from left to right, with the Star scatter symbol being the exception. The highest win will only be paid per line. Each line win is multiplied according to the credit per each line.  Every scatter win is multiplied by the total bet.

The total paid amount is made up of the wins on different paylines. When a combination of scatter symbols occurs, the award will come from the highest scatter win.

Potential Prizes

Different symbol combinations will award different win sums. Receiving the lowest symbol: X, 5 times in a row will award the player with 5 coins. Receiving 5 Bars in a row, being the highest paying symbol, will award the player with 50 coins. In total, though, the jackpot can potentially pay out the most, at 5000 coins at maximum winnings, which is possible to earn on any given spin, and means a massive payout for the player.

The Bonus Feature

The bonus round on Xtra Hot will activate once identical fruit symbols of Orange, Plum, Lemon, or Cherry appear on a row. This will trigger a multiplier, with the multiplier amount depending on the number of reels that land the symbols. Landing matching symbols in a row on reel 1 to 3 will give you x3 multiplier; on reels 1 to 4, a 4x multiplier; and 1 to 5, a 5x multiplier. This will multiply winnings by the multiplied amount, adding to your winnings at the end of the spin.