Wild Shootout

Strange Reels Distinguish Wild Shootout Slot

Two things stand out immediately when online casino players first encounter the Wild Shootout from Williams interactive: the droll take on a classic Western theme, and the unusual reel layout. The high-quality art depicts a dingy saloon in the Wild West, including Poker games, a saloon girl and, of course, a sheriff to fight the masked bandit.

It is the Wild Shootout reels that really catch the eye. There are six instead of five, and Reel 1 has only two windows. Each reel has an extra window, until Reel 6, which has seven. Each window is thus adjacent to two other windows on the next reel, which allows Wild Shootout to offer 192 winning paylines running through adjacent reel windows. Because there are so many paylines, players can bet from as little as 1c per line, making the title more affordable to all pockets.

Free Spins Shake the Odds up

As a Scatter, the Wild Shootout slot uses a large sheriff’s badge; made of bright, shiny copper, naturally. As a Scatter, these symbols do not have to appear on the same payline to have an effect. For three, four or five appearances of the Scatter in any windows, it will activate a bonus round of 10, 25 or 50 free spins.

During the free spins rounds, the reels flip in position. Reel 1 now has seven windows, decreasing by one on each adjacent reel. Combined with the stacked symbols still available in this round, a few adjacent stacks can create a funnelling effect, delivering numerous payline wins on one spin.

Dedicated Wild Plus 10 Payline Symbols

A pistol resting on a poli poker hand is the Wild Shootout slot’s Wild icon, with the standard substitution role. As usual, the only symbol it cannot replace to complete a win is the Scatter. Like all the payline symbols, it can arrive stacked over two or more windows on one reel; a feature that is very profitable when matching stacks occur from the leftmost reel, or a Wild stack ends up between two matching stacks. Instead of Poker values, this title uses the four card suits for low-value icons. They are rendered as bright carved jewels: a pink diamond, a red heart, a blue spade and a purple club.

Bigger prizes can be won from the bullets, the pile of cash, or the cowboy hat. The sheriff, saloon girl and masked bandit are the top-paying payline symbols in Wild Shootout. All the symbols have a touch of realism about their artwork, and the colours contrast well with the somewhat gloomy saloon background. When the sheriff arrives stacked to fill and entire reel, he also turns into a temporary Wild over the whole reel, expanding to full size in an animation. With the entire reel Wild, several winning combos are possible at once.

Sheriff Always Wild in Bonus Game

During free spins rounds, the sheriff icon also becomes Wild wherever it appears, whether it is stacked to fill the reel or not. Along with the Poker hand Wild, and the stacking ability of all the other symbols; this feature helps to create even more potential wins in the free spins rounds.