Couch Potato Online Slots in Detail

Couch Potato Online Slots in Detail

We have all been guilty of being a couch potato from time to time. Sometimes, nothing is better than just sitting back and relaxing on the couch. Well, why not take this well-loved pastime and combine it with another? That’s exactly what online casino giant, Microgaming, has done.

By adding everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure to the excitement that comes with online casino games, Couch Potato, the online slots game was born. This game is one for the beginners, as it is simple to play and easy to understand. With a basic structure and striking graphics, the game lends itself to the player who isn’t necessarily looking for a challenge, but rather some good, clean fun.

The Game’s Structure

Couch Potato has one of the simplest game structures we have seen in a while. With just three reels and one payline, it goes back to the essence of what slots games are all about.

With bright colours, humerous graphics and just a few surprises here and there, this game is the one to play if you’re still starting out and wanting to learn more about the world of online slots gaming. While the game is quite basic in relation to the more complicated slots games that now live online, it certainly serves its purpose in that it allows players to make some extra money from the comfort of their own homes.

Couch Potato Slot’s Symbols

As with any real money online slot, it is important to understand the symbols that adorn the reels of this particular game. The symbols themselves are fairly traditional ones, in that the lucky number seven, bar symbols and cherries all make an appearance.

For this game, the Couch Potato symbol initiates the ‘Wild’ functionality. Essentially, what this means is that when the game’s logo appears, it can fill the space for any one of the other symbols. This function can help players tremednously in a game, as it could mean the difference between a win from a set of three and a wasted line.

Couch Potato Online Slot Symbols

Different Modes

As with most of Microgaming’s products, Couch Potato has the option to play in two modes. Players can choose between Expert and Regular modes, depending on their level of experience. The main difference between the two lies in the fact that the Expert mode has some advanced features, including autoplay functionality. Basically, what this allows for is for the player to be able to let the computer, laptop or tablet do all the spins for them, based on a bet made in advance.

This game is one that functions on a very basic structure, making it a good place for beginners to start. However, by switching to the Expert mode, the game lends itself to being appropriate for more advanced levels as well.

However, the most important thing to remember with any online slots game is that before you start playing, you need to make sure you understand the rules, as well as what each and every symbol means.