Castle Builder Slots Game

Unique Online Slots Action in Castle Builder By Rabcat

Castle Builder is a unique game which offers a bit more than just the regular spinning reels. The idea behind the game is that you have to find certain symbols with which to build the three castles that sit to the left of your reels. Each castle is in a different kingdom and each kingdom has a ruler. While you are building your castles you have to play match maker as well as set up princes with their corresponding princesses.

Castle Builder has five reels and fifteen paylines which work in the regular way. Each line can be played for as little as 0.1 or as much as 1.0 which gives you a maximum spin of 15. This allows players of all budgets to take a swing at the game. Castle Builder will appeal to all sorts of players at online casino Pakistan as it is pretty unique in the slot world and offers a different way to spin reels.

Detailed Scene

The graphics in Castle Builder are very detailed. The reels are quite small to allow for a large background scene. The background is important as this is where the castle that you are currently building resides. This does mean that on a smaller screen you may have to squint a bit or zoom in to get the full effect or see some of the more intricate details.  The graphics themselves are crisp and look like a modern animated movie. All symbols animate when forming a part of a winning combinations.

Building Your Castle

The castles in Castle Builder are built by finding specific building blocks on the reels. These come in standard, bronze silver or gold. These building blocks need to be collected on active paylines from left to right in that order. A meter sits above the reels with your castles building progress. The higher metal building blocks that you find, the more your castle will be worth. There are ten different castles with each one needing a different amount of symbols to build.

Royal Wedding Bonus Game

The bonus game in Castle Builder is a bit odd. When you complete a castle you get to do a little pick me game where you have to match a princess to a husband There are a number of odd choices for our princess to fall in love with, including a cat, a frog and a what looks like diseased man full of bandages. There are of course more suitable suitors such as knights and princes.

The trick here is that each suitor comes with a pot of cash. You don’t know what each suitor is worth until you marry off the princess. The most obvious choice may not be the most lucrative either, so choosing to wed your poor daughter to a cat may make you very rich.

Other Symbols

The other symbols in the game work just like a normal slot game. These include two kinds of treasure chests, a bag of gold, and the various royals. The royals represent the playing card symbols and are oddly for royals, the lower paying symbols in the game.

The old castle builder is the wild symbol, and can replace any normal symbols in the game. These exclude the building block symbols.