Australian Online Bingo

Bingo Origins

Australian online bingo have roots in an Italian lottery game called Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia that was played in Italy in the sixteenth century. The game continued to evolve into the eighteenth century in France and into the nineteenth century in Germany where it was used to help teach school children how to multiply and learn to spell words correctly.

The French game Le Lotto featured nine columns of numbers with three rows for a total of twenty seven squares. From this, five squares in each of the individual rows featured numbers between ninety and one. This helped to influence the modern day cards which are made up of a total of twenty five squares.

Types of Bingo

When looking at Australian online bingo, the player has many choices on the types of games available. While classic bingo is still very popular, players and casinos have developed new variations that keep the game fresh and interesting. These include variations such as u-pick’em bingo. This bingo allows for players to pick the numbers they want to have on their card. It’s actually quite similar to the Chinese game of Keno. There’s also quick shot bingo in which bingo numbers are drawn before the game starts and the player buys bingo cards to try and match against those numbers. Another of the Australian online bingo is horse racing bingo. In this game, players are given numbers between one and fifteen that correspond to the bingo card’s top row. Then the person running the game will draw bingo numbers. The first player to have all five numbers will win the game.

Modern Day Bingo

The modern take on Australian online bingo and bingo in several other countries can actually be traced back to its standardisation by Hugh Ward. He ran carnivals in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and wanted a way for all the games he ran to be done the same way. To accomplish this, he wrote, published and copyrighted a rule book for bingo in the early nineteen thirties.

The game also saw an increase in popularity at the time thanks to a man named Edwin Lowe. He was visiting a carnival in Georgia in nineteen twenty nine when he saw people playing a game with beans that followed along the rules that Hugh Ward had put in place. This game was played with a rubber stamp, some dried beans and sheets that were made from cardboard.

Lowe enjoyed the game so much that he took it back with him to New York and introduced it to his friends. He went on to make bingo sets in two versions. The one version was a set with twelve cards and the other version was a set with twenty four cards. They cost one dollar and two dollars respectively. It wasn’t long before the game was all over the United States and around the nineteen forties, pretty much everyone had at least heard of it. Over the last seventy years, with the advent of the internet, the game of bingo has continued to grow as have online gambling Australia.