Find Eldorado on Your Mobile Slot With Gonzo!

Like any slot game though this Gonzo’s Quest Touch mobile game consists of a spinning base game in which the reels and symbols thereon play the main role in scoring points and winning jackpots. In the case of this slot this base game consists of 5 reels with 3 rows of symbols running along these. There are 20 pay lines connected to these reels and through these and the setup betting options players can access the symbols and form combinations on the reels. In terms of bonuses and which of these the developers NetEnt included in this Gonzo’s Quest Touch mobile slot, there are free spins and an avalanche feature to conquer with this game.

The theme of this Gonzo’s Quest Touch mobile slot game players will discover is that of the Ancient Aztec culture and history, one that has in this day and age been associated with mysteries and treasure. As a theme to a colourful mobile slot though this tends to do well and as such explains the reason for this type of theme being so popular across this industry. The graphics, gameplay and reel all pull together effectively in this slot game to produce a competent experience in which players feel partly immersed in the atmosphere as well as capable of winning a few prizes along the way. Overall this mobile slot takes a fairly popular theme and presents it on the reels in a fun and unique sort of way.

Undiscovered Bonus Features of Gonzo’s Quest Touch

A fair majority of all the online pokies NZ games ever produced include in them some sorts of bonuses for the players. With this Gonzo’s Quest Touch mobile slot from NetEnt the features involved are a free spins bonus and an avalanche feature. The latter involves tumbling reels that remove winning symbols and then drop in more until no new combinations are formed. The free spins on the other hand enable extra turns at picking up wins which can also prove pretty rewarding.

The Popular Aztec Theme and Mobile Setup

The theme on the reels of this mobile Gonzo’s Quest Touch slot is of course that of Ancient Aztecs however this particular theme has taken a few of the aspects of this culture and the style of these sorts of themes and blended them into a little something different. The reels for instance, ignoring the symbols layered upon them, are set out in a puzzle shape and structure, playing on the venerable aspect of this ancient peoples love of puzzles and tests. From here the graphics of this slot game take a driving seat and make the symbols on the reels of this slot look quite appealing in their puzzle pieces structure setup.

The thing about this Gonzo’s Quest Touch slot is that it was particularly refined for the mobile platform and so the developers NetEnt ensured that when players play this slot the important aspects will take on a more central role given the smaller screen sizes involved on this platform in general. The result of this is that the reels and the symbol thereon can be made out quite easily and with a good degree of detail so players can spin and be immersed on their smartphones even.